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Controlling access to your property by individuals or vehicles is a crucial aspect of security. All products and measures for access control must prevent unauthorized access, control and direct pedestrian and vehicular traffic, and do so in a way that causes the least possible delay for authorized entry, while positively preventing entry by unauthorized individuals or vehicles. It must also be easy to use and not require undue manpower or maintenance. Selecting the best access control products, such as turnstiles, barrier security gates and gate operators, for your particular situation is much simpler when you have a supplier, like Town & Country Fence, that has extensive experience in access control and can install these products properly and efficiently.

Gate Operators & Barrier Gates

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Turnstiles & Crowd Control

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Some of the products Town & Country Fence offers for access control include:

  • Pedestrian & Vehicle Gates – Pedestrian and vehicle gates are central to proper access control. Our Minnesota fence company offers a complete range of secure gates, in commercial and industrial grades to match your needs. From swing gates and sliding gates, to barrier gates and walk through gates, you’ll find everything you need at Town & Country Fence.
  • Automatic Gate Operators & Accessories – Automatic gate operators, using a wide variety of control capabilities, from radio controls, coded keypads, card readers, telephone entry control, and more, allow unmanned access by authorized personnel. Accessories, such as automatic reverse controls, vehicle detectors, and time delay gate closers complete the installation and provide safety.
  • Manual Gates – Where automatic features are not required, Town & Country Fence offers a complete range of commercial grade pedestrian and vehicle gates, as well as scissors gates.
  • Gate Accessories – Our fence supplies company stocks a complete range of heavy duty and industrial grade hinges, latches, cantilever gate hardware, and automatic gate closers. We can meet every need.
  • Turnstile Gates – We offer all types of turnstile systems, for both interior and exterior use. Coin or token operated waist-high tripod turnstiles, metal-detector full-height turnstiles, ADA approved handicapped access turnstiles and entry systems, and more.
  • Crowd Control Products – Town & Country Fence is your source for steel barriers and vinyl specialty mesh fencing for temporary crowd control for crowd control and direction, and security at events.

Selecting the right security and access control system is complicated. You are faced with many choices. Our experienced sales staff has in-depth knowledge of all security fencing and access control products and will be happy to meet with you to discuss what product best fits your needs. We offer the most reliable products in the industry with unmatched low prices. Because we handle large volumes of products, we get deep discounts from manufacturers. Our savings mean lower cost to our customers. Call us today to schedule a free onsite estimate on how much your new security fencing system costs.

Minnesota Installation & Supplies for Turnstiles, Security Gates & Gate Operators

Town & Country Fence is a full-service commercial fencing and access control company. We carry full lines of turnstile gates, commercial and residential security gates, and automatic gate operators. We’ve researched the entire field, and have selected products for access control that will meet your needs for security, value, and reliability. Our expert installers have the experience you need to get the job done right the first time. Your security needs, along with convenient accessibility for authorized personnel is a primary concern for you and for Town & Country Fence, as well. Contact Us soon to discuss your access control issues and other security fencing needs. Let us help you find the exact solutions you’re looking for.

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