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Choosing between wood and PVC vinyl for your residential fence can be difficult for many Minneapolis St. Paul homeowners. Many factors are part of your decision, and your choice can make a big difference in your fence’s appearance, cost, maintenance and lifespan. As the most trusted fence company in Minnesota, we want you to have all the facts you need to make the best choice for your property. We proudly offer affordable, durable Western Red Cedar wood and Bufftech vinyl PVC fences in both picket and privacy designs. We supply DIY materials and provide professional installation.

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Whether you’re installing your own fence or having a contractor build it for you, consider the following characteristics:

  • Vinyl Privacy Fence Twin Cities Price – Wood materials are generally less expensive than equivalent PVC Vinyl materials, while installation costs are comparable. When thinking about cost, also keep in mind the maintenance costs over time as they are part of the total cost of ownership. In the long run, it’s cost per year, instead of the initial purchase price, that determines the true cost.
  • Appearance – Wood provides a natural, traditional appearance that can’t be duplicated by any other type of materials. With its organic texture and natural variations, every wood fence is unique, and painting and staining provides maximum customizing possibilities, both in color and design. PVC Vinyl fencing is available in a wide variety of designs, textures, and colors, and provides the uniformity of appearance that many homeowners prefer.
  • Cedar Wood Fence Installation Minneapolis St Paul Design – Wood fences can be built in almost any form, since the materials are easily shaped with simple tools, and can be built to follow even complex landscaping contours. This allows maximum flexibility of design. PVC Vinyl fences are generally limited to the designs available, but today’s quality vinyl posts, pickets and panels are available in a remarkable array of designs to suit almost any taste.
  • Durability – A properly built and maintained wood fence can enhance your property for many years, and Western Red Cedar materials have excellent resistance to decay, and weather gracefully. PVC Vinyl fences, on the other hand, generally offer longer overall life. This longer life can offset the higher purchase cost.
  • Vinyl PVC Picket Fence MN Maintenance – Left in their natural state, wood fences age gracefully over time, slowly changing in color and texture as the years go by. Some homeowners prefer regular painting and staining to renew these finishes, as part of ongoing maintenance. Today’s PVC Vinyl fencing resists weather, sunlight, and other environmental challenges to stay looking the same for decades. Only regular washing is needed to restore the original appearance.
  • Sustainability – Western Red Cedar is an environmentally sustainable material. Modern forestry technology provides a sustainable source of red cedar that will never run out. PVC Vinyl Fencing is a petroleum-based material, but may also incorporate post-consumer recycled materials.
  • Fence Installation – Whether you install your new fence yourself or have a contractor build it, both wood and PVC Vinyl fences install quickly and easily, and in about the same amount of time.

If you are unsure about whether a wood or a vinyl fence is the best fit, talk with one of our knowledgeable salespersons and we will be happy to answer your questions and help you make an informed decision. We will be happy to provide a free on-site estimate and compare the costs. As one of the largest Minnesota fence companies, we offer deep discounts on building materials not available from other contractors. Our sales staff can explain how much you can save.

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We know that every fence built in the Twin Cities is unique, so we offer a complete range of material and design choices to our customers. We’ve selected the very best materials available and our expert consultants are always ready to help you to make the choices that are perfect for your specifications. You can preview all the choices right here on our website to see what’s possible. Then, come into our Minneapolis showroom, and you can see the actual building materials and get the answers you need to help you make choices to match your plans and budget. Or contact us for a free estimate on pricing at your location. Whether you build your own fence or have our experienced installers construct it, we are fully dedicated to your complete satisfaction.

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