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Steel Ornamental Commercial Fencing – Minneapolis St. Paul, MN

Commercial Steel Fences Twin Cities For all Minnesota commercial, industrial, governmental, and institutional organizations, fencing projects require maximum strength, outstanding security, and exceptionally long life without unnecessary maintenance. In addition, low annual cost over the lifetime of an installation is important in these times of budget restrictions and cost limitations. When selecting materials for a wide range of commercial uses, ornamental steel fencing is often the logical choice to meet exacting requirements. As the leading commercial fencing supplier and contractor in the Twin Cities, we understand these needs and have researched the products of all manufacturers extensively.

We have chosen USA-based Ameristar as our primary source of ornamental steel fence and security products. Their multiple grades, attractive designs, fusion welded construction and 20-year guaranteed multi-layer inside and out finishes provide the superior quality that ensures long, trouble free life. Since 1983, we’ve supplied and installed these products for a full range of organizations and applications, including:

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When the utmost in strength, security and long life is needed for commercial and organizational use, steel ornamental fencing is an excellent choice. The consultants at our Minneapolis St. Paul area fence supply and installation company have long experience in assisting customers in specifying and selecting exactly the right grades and designs from Ameristar, the most renowned manufacturer in the country. Contact us with your project plans and specifications and let us assist you with information and competitive price quotes and bids. We are your best choice to supply materials for projects of any size, and offer efficient, quality-oriented installations.