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Animal Kennel Stall Cage Installer Minneapolis St Paul Housing and protecting animals of all sizes safely, securely and sanitarily is an important concern for many businesses, humane organizations, animal control agencies, breeders and farmers. Where animals are housed indoors, chain link materials are ideal for the job. Low in cost, easy to install and simple to clean, they protect the animals, simplify the work of caretakers, and provide sanitary conditions that promote good health. As the leading Twin Cities supplier and installer of chain link fence materials, we completely understand our customers’ needs for simple, easy to maintain pens, kennels, cages, runs, stalls and other animal housing installations. From dogs and cats to small livestock like sheep and goats, enclosures built of these durable, affordable materials set the standard. Many animal-related organizations and businesses rely on us for their animal housing needs:

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If housing animals of any kind indoors is your business, safe, secure and clean chain link enclosures, pens, cages and kennels are your best, most economical choice. As the Minneapolis St. Paul area’s best-known fence contractor, we supply chain link fabric, framework, custom gates, and hardware for the simplest or most complex animal housing systems. Our high-volume ordering and complete stock of materials helps you save on material costs. We also offer fast, efficient installation of these materials at highly affordable rates. Whether your facility is in Hennepin, Ramsey, Washington, Dakota, Anoka, Scott or Carver County, we’re your local fencing supplier and contractor. Contact us today with your plans. Let us create a materials list and give you a competitive price quote for just the DIY materials or for a completely installed animal housing system.