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As the most trusted fencing contractor in the Twin Cities, we want to you have all of the information you need to make the very best decisions when it comes to choosing the fence materials and installation for your home or commercial property. The links below will lead you to objective and accurate information about a wide range of topics. We hope you’ll explore our pages and discover everything you need to choose the right products and a reputable supplier and contractor to help you through the process.

Picket Fences An attractive picket fence around your front yard adds charm and curb appeal to your home. It also helps keep pets and children within the safety of your yard. There’s a wide range of picket fence products available, so you can choose a look that is unique to your home and adds to your home’s value and appearance. From traditional wood, to PVC, and even ornamental metal fencing, the choice is yours, and Town and Country Fence has the products and expertise to make it happen.

Privacy Fence Installation Privacy fences, made of wood, PVC Vinyl, or composite materials are among the most frequently built fences in Minnesota, especially for residential uses. What’s surprising to many homeowners, though, is the huge variety of privacy fence designs that can be built. Making the initial choice of a fence design is the first step in adding an attractive, functional privacy fence to your property. Town and Country Fence can help you simplify this crucial process.

Wood Fencing vs Vinyl Fencing Whether you’re planning a decorative picket fence for your front yard or a full-scale privacy fence surrounding your property, making the right choice of materials for your fence is important. Both traditional wood fence materials and today’s versatile PVC vinyl fencing have their own advantages. At Town and Country Fence, we offer a wide variety of both types of high quality fencing. Here we provide an in-depth comparison of the two types of fences and help you make a smart choice.

Aluminum Fence Building With its unmatched beauty, durability, and resistance to corrosion, aluminum ornamental fencing is the gold standard in fencing for both residential and commercial use. After extensive research into manufacturers of aluminum ornamental fencing, Town and Country Fence has selected Jerith Premier Aluminum Fencing to offer its customers. Recognized as the best, Jerith aluminum fencing is your ideal choice when you’re looking for the ultimate ornamental fence for any use.

Steel Fence Construction When the strength, durability, and traditional beauty of a steel fence is your goal, you’ll find a wide range of companies who build steel ornamental fencing. Some, often available at big box stores, are lightweight and imported to meet a low price. But initial cost isn’t the true measure of value. American-made steel fencing from Ameristar is designed and manufactured in the United States, with no compromises in quality. With Ameristar fencing from Town and Country Fence, you’ll know that your fencing investment will provide long life and solid value.

MN Fence Installer You should have concerns with the fence installer working on your property. Should an issue arise with your safety, damages to your property or if someone gets hurt while doing work on your property, the proper insurance needs to be in place. The employees of our Minnesota leading fence builder are fully covered and we require that our installation sub-contractors carry insurance with the same limits as we do.

Minnesota Fence Installation At our premier fence company, we are all about your needs. Our staff is trained to pinpoint what products might work best for your specific situation. Chain-link fence might be just the ticket to keep your pets contained and protected from outsiders. A picket fence can make for a nice border around your property and will help keep children in your yard. Privacy fence is available in Cedar, PVC or Composite materials and can help give you the peace of mind that you are looking for. An ornamental fence really looks great around pools.

Composite Fences As a leading fence supplier and builder in Minnesota, we sell and install composite fences. Composite fences are truly maintenance-free. Made from wood fiber and high-density polyethylene, these fences won’t fade in color or rot, split or crack over time. Choose from a variety of styles for your backyard. Offering the authentic look of wood, composite fence has become increasingly popular with homeowners who look for high-quality low maintenance fences.

Fence Installation Warranty Our Minnesota fence installation and supplies company offers a 5-year limited warranty on all residential installation projects. Our 5-year labor warranty covers defects in workmanship under normal circumstances. Our materials warranties are covered by our manufacturers (Jerith, Ameristar, Bufftech, FenceScape and more) and vary for 10 years to lifetime, depending upon your product selection.

MN Fence Supplier We encourage you to seek out a reputable fence supplier. Choose a company that has an actual business location that you can visit, with regular business hours, and fencing samples you can touch and see. Make sure that there is an experienced staff that can assist you, show you product samples and answer any questions that you might have. We invite you to visit our showroom and see what we have to offer.

Install Fences Our professional fence installation crews are very careful to clean up once your fence is finished. Our crews will pick the dirt from the postholes and put it in a pile for you somewhere on your property, in an area you’ve selected. Our foreman will discuss this, and other aspects of the job with you during the first meeting with you on site. As a property owner, you never have to worry about cleaning up a mess after your fence building job is finished. You can start enjoying your beautiful new fence right away.

DIY Fence Building At Town and Country Fence we supply fencing materials to hundreds of do-it-yourself fence builders every year. Some are homeowners, while others are commercial and government property owners. Our delivery services, helpful installation information, and assistance in assembling materials lists for your projects are all designed to help you make your fencing project go smoothly. We also have well trained, experienced fencing crews who can install your new fence quickly, economically, and professionally. Here are some things to consider when you’re thinking about DIY fence construction.

Wood Vinyl Metal Fencing Materials The more information you have, the better decisions you’ll make when you’re thinking about adding a brand new fence to your residential property. Our customer-oriented fence supply and installation company wants to help you get the facts you need. At this link, you’ll find brochures on wood, vinyl, chain link, aluminum and steel fences. You will also find design choices and a complete catalog of our quality products. They’re a great way to stimulate your own ideas and to learn about all of your options.

Install Fences Twin Cities For any residential property, a properly installed fence is an improvement that repays your investment in a number of ways. From adding beauty, privacy and security to your home and yard to increasing the property’s resale value, you enjoy many long-lasting benefits. Regardless of the materials you select, careful installation that takes Minnesota’s weather conditions into consideration is crucial for the long life, maintenance cost and continuing beauty. Discover all of the benefits.

How Long Fence Installation Takes At our Minnesota fence contractor, we know that getting your fence installed in a timely way is important to you. Our sales team knows what our installation lead times are, and we can let you know how soon we can start with your installation. After necessary preparation, most residential fence projects take just a few days to install, depending on materials, project size, and weather. Learn more about scheduling at the link above.

Build Fences At the very beginning of your fence building project, we ask that you be on site to walk through the project with our crew’s foreman. This takes 15 minutes or so, and helps to insure your satisfaction. We will want you to show us exactly where the fence should go, verify exactly you would like the gates, confirm the swing directions of the gates, talk about how high you might like the fence to be off the ground, discuss where to put the post hole dirt and answer any questions that you might have. Our staff is always checking with you to be sure you get the exactly fence you want.

MN Fence Installation Our Installation Department places a phone call for public underground utility locating on every installation project. This call will generate a response for the markings of underground utilities such as electrical, gas, cable TV, telephone, pipelines, fiber optic, city sewer and water lines. Private underground utilities are the responsibility of the homeowner. Things such as irrigation systems, power to a detached garage, septic systems, drain fields, drain tile, gas lines to an outdoor grill, plumbing or electrical to pool equipment, and low voltage outdoor lighting must also considered. Your Salesperson will discuss all of this with you and then work with you to determine the best approach.

Minnesota Fence Building Contractor Be very careful as you make your choice and ask specific questions to be sure to get straight answers. Call your local Better Business Bureau. Ask to see their Contractor’s License and proof of Insurance. Be sure your fence contractor is a member of the American Fence Association. As you check these things out you will discover that all fence companies are not alike. Do your own research before making the hiring decision because working with the wrong company means headaches down the road.

Chain Link Fence Installation Chain link fencing is popular with commercial and residential property owners for many reasons, but cost is most important among these. Where cost is a primary concern and appearance is less important, chain link fencing provides security and boundary definition at a price that can’t be beaten. However, low-quality chain link fencing materials for your fence can wipe out those savings. A fence that rusts and deteriorates quickly and must be replaced prematurely is no bargain. Learn how high-quality chain link fencing assures you of maximum economy.

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