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Selecting the right fence for an individual home is important. You want your fence to harmonize with your home’s architecture and landscaping. It should also harmonize with the neighborhood, to prevent your home from clashing with neighbors’ properties.

When a fence is installed on a property line with an adjacent home, it should be pleasing in appearance to both homeowners, while creating privacy and separation. Front yard fencing should be chosen for its beauty and individuality. If you live in a historic district, the design should also be in keeping with that district’s design standards. In addition, it has to meet all applicable city laws. Making the choices can be complex, but the end result is worth the work. Browse the our company’s website to see hundreds of possibilities for your choice of material, style and design.

Beauty, Security, Privacy and Safety

Install Fences Minneapolis St Paul A beautiful fence around a residential property adds a finishing touch. Whether you have a brand new home or an older home, installing a well-designed fence that matches the appearance of your home is a great way to add unique new beauty to your property, regardless of its size and location. There is nothing like an attractive fence to set off the home that you’ve worked so hard to own and to enhance your pride of ownership. But there are more reasons besides making aesthetic improvements. Important factors that include privacy, safety and security play a big role in making such a big investment. Some of the ways a well-built fence benefits homeowners include:

Choosing a Minnesota Fencing Company

Twin Cities Fences MN Choosing a fence company for supplies and installation should be decided with a number of factors in mind. First, choose a fencing company that has a wide range of high-quality options in both materials and design. Don’t limit yourself to a skimpy selection of questionable quality.

Next, look for a company with long experience doing business in Minnesota. Check the company’s reputation with friends and neighbors and consult your local Better Business Bureau before making a decision. Visit the company’s showroom and talk to a representative there to measure their expertise, customer service, materials selection and design options. Base your decision on all of these factors, and you’ll be assured of a good result.

The initial price is not the only factor that determines the total cost of ownership. Your fence will last for decades, and the cost should be measured over its lifetime. A poorly constructed fence that is built of cheap materials may cost less initially, but will need replacement long before a properly built one that uses durable materials. The difference in value can be enormous. As with your investment in your home, quality pays off in long life and sustained value. As the most trusted building contractor in the Twin Cities, we offer exceptional long-term value, along with our low prices.

Building Durable Fences for Minneapolis and St. Paul, MN

MN Fence Company Our company has earned its legendary reputation by providing long-lasting materials, top-notch installation, and the largest selection of styles and options since 1983. Always competitive in price, we pride ourselves in building the best fences in Minnesota for our customers. Because of our large customer base, we get volume discounts from our suppliers and manufacturers. We pass our savings on to our customers who enjoy both the quality and low prices that we offer.

Our experienced consultants can help you choose a fence that’s perfect for your home, and our installation crews never cut corners. You’ll get the fence you want and the value you deserve, installed on time and on budget. Visit our showroom or contact us for a free consultation and price quote at your location.