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Ornamental Steel Fence Cost Comparisons – Minneapolis St. Paul, MN

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  • Low cost per foot, 80′ of 48″ High, 3 Rail Montage model
  • Black color, Residential grade, 10 sections, 11 posts with caps

Steel Metal Ornamental Fence Twin Cities When choosing ornamental metal fencing of any specification, cost is always of concern. There are many misconceptions about the cost differences between decorative aluminum and high-strength steel materials for equivalent projects. At our full-service fence supply and installation company in Minnesota, we’d like you to know that the strength and security of steel fencing from Ameristar compares well in cost to equivalent aluminum materials. For both residential and commercial use, material costs are generally in the same range, when the design and installation specifications are similar. When you consider the higher strength of steel and the similar installation costs, there are plenty of reasons to make a full price comparison of the two materials for every project. We will be happy to provide an accurate quote for both metal materials and let you make your own decision on which material is right for your needs. As with all projects, the total cost is based on a number of factors, including:

Competitive Pricing for Steel Ornamental Fence Installation – Twin Cities, MN

As the Minneapolis St. Paul area’s leading fence supplier and contractor, our prices for all metal fence materials, including Ameristar Montage ornamental steel products are highly competitive. Our volume purchasing power results in deep wholesale discounts, and we pass those savings along to our customers. By maximizing the efficiency of our outstanding, efficient and hardworking installation crews, we are able to further control costs for our residential and commercial customers when we make complete installations. Our dedication to exacting and professional installation ensures the longest possible life for every fence. That means a lower annual cost and less maintenance over the lifetime of the project. Our quotes and bids are always complete and are without any hidden charges. When comparing estimates, always compare identical materials and services on a point-by-point basis. Contact us to discuss your needs and let us consult with you at no charge and provide you with a quote for the total cost of materials and installation.