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Wood Picket Fence Installation – Minneapolis St. Paul, MN

If any fence design has almost universal appeal, it is the simple, but charming wooden picket fence. Often used to surround the front yards of homes in many neighborhoods, new and old, these designs are classics. With vertical pickets spaced to allow air and light through, their function is to delineate borders and often to safeguard children and pets and keep them from wandering. Usually less than four feet high, they are a very affordable way to add a homey touch and a friendly welcome to any residential property.

Wood is the traditional material for these designs, and Western Red Cedar is the wood of choice for our cold, snowy climate. Whether they are painted, stained, or simply left to weather gracefully, our fence company in Minnesota gets many requests for these economical, value-enhancing projects.

Picket Fence Designs and Choices

Why Choose Western Red Cedar for Your Picket Fence

Many different types of wood have been used to build fences. For Minnesota homes today, though, we recommend using Western Red Cedar. Its natural beauty and color variations enhance your designs. Naturally resistant to moisture, fungi and other weather damage, it helps assure long life and durability. Cedar also ages gracefully, if left unfinished or simply sealed, slowly changing to a silvery gray color. If you choose to paint or stain, cedar accepts common fence finishes very well. The small additional cost of using red cedar for your project is offset by longer life, easy installation and enduring beauty. We purchase very large quantities of red cedar posts, pickets, boards and panels and pass our volume purchasing discounts to our customers.

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In the Minneapolis St. Paul metro area, our fence company is the leader in supplying and installing fences of all types for residential and commercial property owners. Whatever project you’re considering, either do-it-yourself or professionally installed, you won’t find a larger selection of materials or more expertise than at the Twin Cities best-known fence company. One call to us or a visit to our Brooklyn Park showroom is the best way to get started. We’ll show you all of your choices, quote great low prices for materials and installation and answer all of your questions. Our dedication to complete customer satisfaction is your assurance of a completed home improvement project you’ll be proud of and that will enhance your property for decades.